I'm really excited that today we launched an amazing new brand called BakeLab.  We've created three baking mixes that are a perfect accompaniment to SuperJam - Chocolate Victoria Sponge, Welsh Cakes and Apricot Scones.


The bake mixes are packed in beautiful Weck jars, which can be reused after the mix has been made.  Here's a little video of our first show on QVC, which got the brand off to a great start!


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It has been an exciting week!


On Monday, I was very happy to launch our new brand extension - SuperTea!


Blended with the help of a British Master Tea Blender, our teas were created to be the perfect partner for Afternoon Tea.  We've been delighted with the reviews - some people have told me SuperTea is the best tea they've ever tasted..


The tea market is very competitive but I know that we can make a success of our brand, by focusing on creating teas that go beautifully with cakes, scones and jam!



Currently available from QVC and our online store here.

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