SuperJam takes off in South Korea!

I've just got back from a two week visit to South Korea - not only one of my favourite countries but one of SuperJam's most successful markets.  We sell almost 2% of all the jam eaten in the country and are the fastest-growing brand of jam - thanks to our amazing team.

Our strategy has been to invest in running many sampling events, tea parties as well as creating recipes to share ideas for how jam can fit into Korean cuisine.

Here are a few pictures from my recent visit.  You can see more, as well as some of the Korean publicity surrounding my visit, at

I gave a few lectures about packaging and design - the biggest was at The Korea Herald's K-Style Design Festival.

We made a 2-metre long SuperJam-filled cake to celebrate, with the help of this little girl.

At our 'Jam Party' for SuperJam supporters, team, customers and volunteers, I was forced to sing 'Jammin' by Bob Marley..

We've had fun experimenting with lots of traditional Korean recipes - like these beautiful flower pancakes.

I hosted a cookery class for SuperJam's top customers - sharing recipes for how best to use SuperJam in Korean cooking.

We held an event for Korean grandmothers, where they shared their secret recipes with me - I promised not to commercialise them!  We all went out for a great lunch with Korean young people, which the grandmothers loved.  They told me I aught to be married by now though...

A 4-metre tall picture of me might have been printed...

We exhibited our products at the British Embassy, Seoul as part of the British Government's 'Great Week' event.

I chose the perfect time of year to visit, with cherry blossom right outside our office in Gangnam.

SuperJam Korea's company rescue cat, 'Grapefruit', wasn't very sure about this Jam Boy fellow.

Most importantly, I got to eat more of my favourite Korean food - Pat Bing Su.  Shaved green tea ice cream with red beans, rice cakes, almonds and matcha ice cream.  So delicious!

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