An Interview with SuperJam's Newest Teammate


 This week, we are welcoming Jonas to the SuperJam team.  He is going to be working on an exciting new range of SuperJam products.  But first, I thought he'd better tell you all a bit more about himself...

Where are you from?
Ghent, Belgium.  My country just last week broke the record for not having a government for the longest time in the world; 245 days! There was a party in the street!

How did you first hear about SuperJam?
I learned about SuperJam at my design school in Belgium.

What's your favourite flavour?
Blueberry & Blackcurrant.  I like eating it with Dairylea cheese, it's my all time favourite!  Belgians love eating jam with cheese..

Jonas has been risking life and limb already on his first day in the job.  Tasked with taking photos of cool products for inspiration with our new range, he was taken into a room in a department store and interrogated about why he was taking photos of their jam...

All in a day's work for the world's first jam spy.

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