On Stage with Jeremy Kyle..


So here's something I never thought i'd find myself doing..

Yesterday, I got on stage with Jeremy Kyle in front of a packed room of unemployed people in Birmingham.  The room was so full people were sitting on the floor, standing at the back and queuing out the door.

It was a sobering experience to see how many people can't find a job and how frustrated they feel.

The event was part of this week's Sunemployment Roadshow, which is offering almost 70,000 job opportunities to the out of work in some of Britain's unemployment blackspots.

On the panel there was also a government minister - who faced considerable anger from the audience.  One woman even broke down in tears when she told us her story.

I guess I was invited along to share with the audience that it was possible that any of them could start their own business.  I wanted to give some advice and hope to the people in the audience who maybe had dreams of getting their idea off the ground..

Meanwhile, SuperBusiness reached No. 3 on Amazon and was named the 'Book of The Month' in WHSmith.

You can order your signed copy of SuperBusiness here.

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