Speaking at Hello Etsy Summit on Small Business & Sustainability..


As you know, if you've been reading my blog over the past few years, I have been invited to share 'The Adventures of Jam Boy' at conferences and events all over the world.  In the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, China, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland...

I've actually given well over 200 speeches since starting SuperJam, sharing what I've learned from SuperJam's journey from my parents' kitchen to the supermarket shelves.  It is something that I love.

There's an event coming up that I am speaking at which I thought i'd share here, as you might like to come along.

It is the Hello Etsy Summit on Small Business and Sustainability.  It's being run by our friends over at etsy.com and the other speakers are amazing.

Check it out here.



September 19, 2011

Hi there,

Saw and heard your talk at Hello Etsy and loved it:) It’s a great story!

Thank you


September 08, 2011

Hello :D Superjam is a pretty awsome name!

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