10 super-easy SuperJam recipes - so easy you could make them with your eyes closed (but we wouldn't recommend trying that!!)

 Just A Spoonful of SuperJam... 

1) dolloped into a humongous bowl of comforting porridge 

2) spread onto a hot, buttery crumpet 

3) splodged into the centre of a bowl of steaming rice pudding 

4) baked into beautifully hot jam tarts 

5) swirled into the appley base of a crumble (for added colour and excitement) 

6) piled onto a freshly baked scone with a large cloud of clotted cream 

7) melted and poured over ice cream 

8) smeared between two chocolate digestives (DIY jammy-chocolatey dodger) 

9) stirred through a bowl of creamy yoghurt and granola 

10) sneakily eaten off the spoon (and jar subtly returned to fridge)

What're your super-quick, super-tasty ways of eating SuperJam??  Let us know!

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