Snowman Massacre (serves 3-4...depending on greed)

It’s about to be Halloween, so we were thinking of the goriest-named jammy pudding we could give you guys the recipe for.  After a bit of Googling, we realised that there are some pretty disgustingly-named dishes out there... ‘Dead Baby’ was up there, as was the legendary ‘Spotted Dick’ and ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’.  I suppose if you tell your guests you’re serving them one of those dishes, you can be sure to get a positive/relieved response when you bring the finished product to the table.  A bit of a twisted way of getting a ‘thumbs up’, but hey!

Anyway, we were a little shocked to discover that even ‘rice pudding and jam’ – that innocent, comforting, milky pudding we all know and love – has a pseudonym.  By many people, rice pudding and jam is referred to as ‘Accident in the Alps’.  It’s quite ingenious actually, but also a little bit disgusting when you think about it.

Since rice pudding is the perfect, warming comfort food to salivate over at the end of one of these long, wintery days, and probably the easiest pudding that one can possibly make (always appealing!), we decided that that should be our winning Halloween recipe. 

The problem is, we don’t want to call it ‘Accident in the Alps’, because that’d just be unoriginal.  Instead, this one is called ‘Snowman Massacre’ (almost christened ‘Abominable Snowman Suicide’, but changed names at last minute).  If you can think of any more wacky/wonderful/gory nicknames for traditional old ‘rice pudding and jam’ let us know... But in the meantime, give this spookified recipe a go:


Snowman Massacre (serves 3-4)


100g short-grain pudding rice

1 pint of full-fat milk

450ml double cream

1tsp vanilla extract

75g caster sugar

25g butter (plus extra for greating)

A little grated nutmeg

A big-fat jar of your favourite SuperJam, or your own home-made jam.  (Please note: a red jam would be best, if you’re taking the ‘massacre’ element of this recipe seriously).

* * *

How to make it:

1)      Preheat the oven to 180 ͦ

2)      Grease an oven-proof dish (roughly 2-3 pints in size).

3)      Rinse the rice in cold water, through a sieve.

4)      Pour the milk, cream and vanilla extract into a saucepan and bring to the boil.  Add the rice and sugar, and stir.

5)      Pour the contents of the pan into the buttered oven-proof dish and grate some nutmeg over the top.  Dot the rice pudding with small knobs of butter.

6)      Bake the pudding for 15 minutes at 180 ͦ.  Then lower the temperature to 150 ͦ, and bake for a further 1¼ hours.  It should be golden brown on top, and very creamy beneath.

7)      Serve with a spoonful of jam in the centre of each bowl, melting into the creamy pudding.  Et volia: you have a big fat Snowman Massacre!!

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