SuperJam Launches in Russia!


I've just got back from a fascinating and very successful trip to Moscow.  SuperJam is now on sale in its 6th international market!!

As well as visiting various very upmarket supermarkets and independent stores in this megacity of over 10m inhabitants, I was invited to share the story of my adventures in jam at four events for young entrepreneurs and students from the city's universities.  

We'll soon be launching a Russian version of our website and I am looking forward to another trip to Russia next year - i'm really excited about the future of SuperJam in Moscow and beyond..



November 09, 2011

I luv superjam!!!!!!!

Sanna Gabriel
Sanna Gabriel

November 02, 2011

I just found out about you and your brilliant story. It always makes me happy to know about those that succeed in something they like, and I just wanted to tell you I think you’re awesome. I live in Sweden and unfortunately I cannot buy your jam, but my friend is coming over from Edinburgh later this month, and I’m going to ask her to bring me one of your jam jars, just so I may try it. Good luck with the rest of your endeavours!

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