The SuperJam Tea Parties Hits Finland!

We don’t really keep you guys up-to-date enough with the progress of our charity, The SuperJam Tea Parties, which brings tea, scones, jam and dancing to elderly people all the way across the UK.  We’ve just launched our big Christmas JAMpaign, and tea parties are happening all the way across the UK as we speak, spreading the SuperJam love and warming people up this Christmas time.  If only we could blog about all of them, but we just want to thank everyone who’s hosted or volunteered at one of our tea parties for all their help!  Without you guys, the charity wouldn’t be able to function, and you’re all amazing.

We’ve actually just had a bit of a breakthrough - the SuperJam Gang is massively excited, because The SuperJam Tea Parties has just had its first tea party in Finland, in partnership with Demmers Teehaus!  It took place in a Day Centre in Helsinki, and was a raging success!  We can hardly believe that the tea party idea is spreading overseas, putting smiles on elderly people’s faces across Europe, but it IS!  This was hopefully the first of many, and fingers crossed it hits more countries in the future :)

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