Introducing...(drum-roll please)...BAKELAB!

We’ve got a new and exciting venture to tell you all about: the SuperJam Gang have been dedicating a lot of their energy over the last month into setting up a baking class...and we are now proud to announce the arrival of BakeLab.

BakeLab is a monthly baking class, based in a big kitchen in North London (Shoreditch, to be exact).  We’re all about ‘hands-on’ cooking, and seriously good teaching.  But we’re also about fun, socialising, eating nibbles, and producing something delicious at the end of the class to take home and share with everyone else (if you’re feeling generous, that is).

Our first class is set to launch at 18.30 on Wednesday 21st December, and we’ll be making Christmas presents!  There’ll be lots of mulled wine and nibbles throughout, and you’ll come away with three beautifully packaged Christmas presents.  Check out our website for more information, or to book yourself onto the class...spaces are pretty damn limited, you see, so it’s a case of fastest-fingers-first.

But it’s all so exciting for us.  We’ve literally watched this idea develop from a tiny, throwaway comment, to a full-on baking class, and it would be wonderful to have SuperJam fans there with us at the first class, sharing in the buzz of it all.  It’ll be the start of something we hope will stick around for years, growing and developing, and becoming legendary (that’s the dream!!).

Thanks for all your support, and hope to see you in the kitchen x

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December 26, 2011

Dag nabbit good stuff you whippersnpaeprs!

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