SuperJam Menu from the winner of Masterchef Puerto Rico!


Last week, I was very kindly invited to share my story "The Adventures of Jam Boy" on the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.  I gave a talk at the Mayaguez campus of the University of Puerto Rico; students and teachers from various local colleges and universities came along to hear from this young entrepreneur who had come all the way from Scotland! 

Professor Romaguera who organised my visit has been working hard to promote entrepreneurship on the island for many years.  While we were there, the professor took us for lunch at Lassaiz-Faire, the fantastic restaurant set up by award-winning young chef Christian Quinones.  As well as being a chef in top restaurants around the United States and having cooked for the likes of Donald Trump (who apparently just likes to eat very thinly sliced turkey with extra gravy..), Christian was the winner of Masterchef Puerto Rico.

Christian cooked an amazing lunch where all three courses contained SuperJam.  Here's the menu:

Starter: Brie with Raspberry & Cranberry SuperJam vol-au-vents

Main: Sous-vide duck breast with fois gras and SuperJam Blueberry & Blackcurrant sauce

Dessert: SuperJam Strawberry cheesecake

It was all delicious!  After the meal, a local artist presented us with dolls that she had made to represent each of our stories - my doll is called Cairo and she's got fabrics from all over the world, sand from Egypt and even some cloth from the artist's own grandmother.  Egypt is the 'grandmother of all civilization' and the doll represents my Gran, who taught me to make jam and set me on off this wonderful adventure!

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