TV Advert features the SuperJam story!


I recently recorded this ad for the lovely folks over at  


Gail Reynolds
Gail Reynolds

May 10, 2013

After meeting Fraser “Jam boy” yesterday at the DSA Annual Conference I have to say you are one of the most inspirational speakers I have heard in a long time.
My daughter Libby was very proud of her book and your personal message, I hope she can be inspired by your story and go on to achieve great things with her SpoilMyPooch business (She is just 15 :-))


July 07, 2012

Congratulations for what you have done!!!

But I will like to hear all the story since you made the first jam. Until you became the owner of this great company.

I love this cain of stories were from nothing you creat all these.

Thank you! In advance .

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