May 04, 2012


Tea Cosy of The Week!



We haven't awarded a Tea Cosy of The Week for a while.. but I absolutely had to tell you about this beautiful tea cosy that we've been sent by Louisa Cockram.

Made out of Harris Tweed, Louisa's beautiful tea cosies are available to buy from her site here.

We'll be using ours to keep the tea warm at the next SuperJam Tea Party!

May 04, 2012


April 16, 2012


February 15, 2012


SuperJam Menu from the winner of Masterchef Puerto Rico!


Last week, I was very kindly invited to share my story "The Adventures of Jam Boy" on the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.  I gave a talk at the Mayaguez campus of the University of Puerto Rico; students and teachers from various local colleges and universities came along to hear from this young entrepreneur who had come all the way from Scotland! 

Professor Romaguera who organised my visit has been working hard to promote entrepreneurship on the island for many years.  While we were there, the professor took us for lunch at Lassaiz-Faire, the fantastic restaurant set up by award-winning young chef Christian Quinones.  As well as being a chef in top restaurants around the United States and having cooked for the likes of Donald Trump (who apparently just likes to eat very thinly sliced turkey with extra gravy..), Christian was the winner of Masterchef Puerto Rico.

Christian cooked an amazing lunch where all three courses contained SuperJam.  Here's the menu:

Starter: Brie with Raspberry & Cranberry SuperJam vol-au-vents

Main: Sous-vide duck breast with fois gras and SuperJam Blueberry & Blackcurrant sauce

Dessert: SuperJam Strawberry cheesecake

It was all delicious!  After the meal, a local artist presented us with dolls that she had made to represent each of our stories - my doll is called Cairo and she's got fabrics from all over the world, sand from Egypt and even some cloth from the artist's own grandmother.  Egypt is the 'grandmother of all civilization' and the doll represents my Gran, who taught me to make jam and set me on off this wonderful adventure!

December 13, 2011

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One Week And Counting...!

We’ve got one week left until our first BakeLab class...if you haven’t booked yourself onto it yet, you’re NOT too late (although you almost are, because places are going fast)!  We know what you’re thinking – “it’s in one week’s time...too soon...signing up would be impulsive”, but think again!

Treat yourselves to a wonderful evening of fun and festiveness in the week leading up to Christmas.

BakeLab’s Christmas-present baking class – in London on the 21st December – is set to be a relaxed, Christmassy evening of baking.  There’ll be lots of mulled wine and nibbles, and lovely teachers there to help you to hand-bake the best presents under the Christmas tree.  Plus you’ll get to meet a group of like-minded, passionate bakers, of all levels!

Our BakeLab class will put you in a Christmassy mood and send you on your way with a spring in your step, and seven beautifully packaged Christmas presents (baked by you) in your arms.

It’s basically going to be a fantastic evening, and we want to encourage SuperJam fans to join us in the kitchen, because the night will all be hosted by Fraser, teenage founder of SuperJam!

There are only a couple of places left, but if you’re keen then please book a place before it’s too late... :) 

December 08, 2011


What Does Christmas Mean To You?

Our friends at Friends of the Elderly have recently put together a video conveying both the bitter loneliness, and genuine happiness, of elderly people at Christmas time.  Have a watch:

The video really does reinforce the importance of interacting with elderly people, and of making them feel warm and loved at Christmas time.

The SuperJam Tea Parties is hoping to work with Friends of the Elderly on a few projects in the New Year.  

But in the meantime, please check out our website for more information on how you can get involved with organising a charity tea party for elderly people in your local area.  We need all the help you can give us!  Thanks so much :)

December 06, 2011

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Introducing...(drum-roll please)...BAKELAB!

We’ve got a new and exciting venture to tell you all about: the SuperJam Gang have been dedicating a lot of their energy over the last month into setting up a baking class...and we are now proud to announce the arrival of BakeLab.

BakeLab is a monthly baking class, based in a big kitchen in North London (Shoreditch, to be exact).  We’re all about ‘hands-on’ cooking, and seriously good teaching.  But we’re also about fun, socialising, eating nibbles, and producing something delicious at the end of the class to take home and share with everyone else (if you’re feeling generous, that is).

Our first class is set to launch at 18.30 on Wednesday 21st December, and we’ll be making Christmas presents!  There’ll be lots of mulled wine and nibbles throughout, and you’ll come away with three beautifully packaged Christmas presents.  Check out our website for more information, or to book yourself onto the class...spaces are pretty damn limited, you see, so it’s a case of fastest-fingers-first.

But it’s all so exciting for us.  We’ve literally watched this idea develop from a tiny, throwaway comment, to a full-on baking class, and it would be wonderful to have SuperJam fans there with us at the first class, sharing in the buzz of it all.  It’ll be the start of something we hope will stick around for years, growing and developing, and becoming legendary (that’s the dream!!).

Thanks for all your support, and hope to see you in the kitchen x

December 01, 2011


A Christmas-Cheer-Filled Blog Post (it IS December, after all!)

WAHEY! It’s finally DECEMBER!  We’ve been waiting for this moment for quite a’s now legal to play Christmas tunes and scatter tinsel everywhere.  So the SuperJam Gang have been dancing round Jam Land, spreading the Christmas cheer and thinking of lovely, Christmassy things to do.

Our first plan is to launch a seriously good offer...£40 worth of SuperJam goodies for just £20.  Unbelievable, yes, but it needs to be believed, because it lasts for less than a week!

The jams can be used in Christmassy cooking (or given away to seriously special people!) and the book and limited-edition apron are brilliant Christmas presents (though you’ll probably want to keep them too, when you see them!!)

But you’d better jump on the Jam Sleigh quickly, because it’ll be flying away in 5 days time...

With lots of Christmas cheer,

The SuperJam Gang x

November 30, 2011


The SuperJam Tea Parties Hits Finland!

We don’t really keep you guys up-to-date enough with the progress of our charity, The SuperJam Tea Parties, which brings tea, scones, jam and dancing to elderly people all the way across the UK.  We’ve just launched our big Christmas JAMpaign, and tea parties are happening all the way across the UK as we speak, spreading the SuperJam love and warming people up this Christmas time.  If only we could blog about all of them, but we just want to thank everyone who’s hosted or volunteered at one of our tea parties for all their help!  Without you guys, the charity wouldn’t be able to function, and you’re all amazing.

We’ve actually just had a bit of a breakthrough - the SuperJam Gang is massively excited, because The SuperJam Tea Parties has just had its first tea party in Finland, in partnership with Demmers Teehaus!  It took place in a Day Centre in Helsinki, and was a raging success!  We can hardly believe that the tea party idea is spreading overseas, putting smiles on elderly people’s faces across Europe, but it IS!  This was hopefully the first of many, and fingers crossed it hits more countries in the future :)

November 20, 2011


"The Great British Jam-Off" for BBC Children in Need


This was SO much fun!!

I was invited to have a "jam-off" against John Torode from Masterchef; the winning jam would be crowned the "Official Children in Need Jam 2011" (the recipe has been posted on the BBC here, for anyone to make their own and sell the jars to raise money for CiN)..

John made a classic plum jam and I made Pudsey Pear - a delicious spiced pear jam.  

After putting our jams to the public vote, mine was crowned the winner!  I was delighted and even got a hug from Pudsey Bear

You can see the show on iPlayer here (it starts 20 minutes in).