The SuperJam Tea Parties


"When my Gran originally made jam, she'd make jam and scones and cakes and visit the elderly people in her area of Glasgow.  They'd be living on their own or in care homes and she would have afternoon tea with them.  She'd drag my little brother around with her; he'd play his guitar and I would tell them stories.  It was something we were brought up with and I thought it would be nice to do something like that on a bigger scale." - Fraser Doherty, Founder, SuperJam

* * *

The SuperJam Tea Parties (Registered Charity) organises hundreds of free tea parties all over the UK for elderly people who live alone or in care.  Some of the biggest parties have attracted over 600 guests and there have so far been over 150 tea parties in total - from tiny little villages in Wales to the Southbank in Central London.

Click on our new video to get a better (and slightly more musical) idea of what our tea parties are all about...!

We're desperately looking for more volunteers to help us run even more tea parties in more places over the coming years.  Please get in touch ( if you're up for getting involved.



If you don't have time to volunteer, but would like to donate to The SuperJam Tea Parties, please follow this link...